Thursday, October 15, 2009

Moving and Dreaming

After a lot of thinking, I am starting to feel a bit better. I have shifted my perspective on the whole situation. It's obvious to me that Ian and I still have a lot of feelings for each other, so I feel like now I am moving more for my inability to get a job and be an adult. We will both be working on ourselves.

Since I am moving, I have found a bunch of random stuff (as one does). I found a too-soon aborted dream diary. This one is pretty weird. I wrote the day, but not the year. I'm guessing it's 2005:

7/2 night
I was engaged to be married--to Matt Guidry. I was making preparations in a little house/shack in the middle of the desert next to a dusty hi-way. I had doubts about it, and specifically remember saying, 'Does anyone else find it odd taht I'm marrying Matt?' The wedding was in December, but the dream was in the present.
Then I dreamt that telemarketers kept calling me cell and waking me up--at 1 am. I cut a deal with a girl who was forcing me to buy from a Brasilian restaurant that I'd buy extra vegetables if she took me off the list.

I won't try to dissect what the hell this dream meant, except that I was getting a lot of random cell phone calls at the time. I thought it was amusing and shareable.

Now, as to things I have found.
These are doodles from Elisa. Also from about 2004

And then this is a picture of me all dressed up for Kelly and Ben's wedding. So, also 2005 on this.
Finding old things is always so interesting.


  1. LOL @ the dream. I wonder if me in the dream would have thought it odd...

    Condolences on the breakup, those can really suck.

    If your move to Redlands takes you through Santa Barbara feel free to stop by to hang out for a bit.


  2. Hey Matt, I probably won't be stopping anywhere in particular on the way down. My dad and I are going to try to drive the whole stretch at once. If you are in Redlands though, let me know. I'll probably be there for a while.

    Thanks for the condolences.

  3. I'm planning on visiting Redlands for Thanksgiving and Christmas.