Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Brown Bear runs away

I feel like a bear waking up after hibernation.

Despite a lot of negative feelings and associations that I still harbor with Redlands, I am starting to look forward to the trip. In an effort to stay positive, I will list some things I am pleased about.

  • Circus. Fuck yeah, circus! This is probably the best part; getting back to my roots, if you will. The last few months I'd been having dreams about circus. I really missed it. I'm planning to jump in on juggling, teeterboard and cradle.
  • Not paying the bills. I've been in a cash flow frenzy since March, essentially. As some know, nothing I've tried has worked out. So my dad is taking me in and I will only have minimal bills to think about
  • Not stressing about finding a job. This goes with not paying the bills, but there is also feeling like a professional failure.
  • Reevaluation. I am going to rethink what I want to do. I am still really interested in translation and interpreting, but I may wait on it.
  • Just living. I think I am going to get some 9-5 desk monkey job that pays the bills and that I don't hate, and just enjoy all that not-at-work time.
  • No more retail. My last day is saturday. Finalllyyyyyyyy

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