Monday, February 12, 2007

Love and Hate

Why I love netflix:

I know that the more they reccomend, the more likely i am to not cancel my subscription, but that's 1 movie a day for about three and a half years. That's a lot of escapism, no?

Why I hate syntax (specifically X' theory, which is pronounced 'eks bar' not 'eks prime' like I always want to say):
CP-->C'-->C + TP
TP --> DP + T'
DP --> D'
D' ---> D' (NP)
T' ---> T + VP
VP --> V'
V' ---> V (DP) or V' (PP) or (AdvP) V' or V' (AdvP)
AdvP --> Adv'
Adv' --> Adv or AdvP + Adv'
NP ---> N'
N' ----> (AdjP) N' or N + PP or N
PP ---> P'
P' ---> P + DP
AdjP --> Adj'
Adj' ---> (AdjP) Adj'

And i still hae about 30 more trees to draw after already spending 2 hours on the homework. *impales self on pen*

and to end on a positive note, i remain in love and very happy.

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