Sunday, January 14, 2007

I left my house a bit before 9 last night. Aaaand I got home at 10:30 this morning. And the beauty of living alone is that no one cares. haha

I was meeting my friend Kira and her roommate at this hookah place, and while i was waiting, this crazy homeless dude started talking to me. First he started talking to me in a bookstore and asked if I was in school and he said he studied American history. So I go outside and a minute later he walks by and starts talking to me and says he studies philosophy and "asian art." and then says "Hey, you're the girl from the bookstore!" Hethen went on to tell me that he wants to marry a good Christian girl and it was a pretty funny conversation. Finally Kira and her roommate got there and we smoked...quite a bit. Afterwards, we went back to their place and watched The L Word. I'd been curious about this show since my mo actually kicked me out of her house becuase she was going to watch it. She deemed it too racy for a 20 year old, apparently. The show is this lesbian drama, and it's kind of like porn but with really good acting, and then they leave out most of the actual sex part. I found it really predictable, but I think most shows are so....? Then it was 2am and a "sleepover" was declared. Except we actually did sleep, despite talk of pillow fights and fort building.

Interesting night.

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