Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Tribulations of Lindsey

I take back what I said about being okay with the cold now. It was -6c yesterday and I pretty much died. I wanted to go out today, but it seems to be snowing again and I'm just not sure I can handle it right now. The main reason I want to go out is to go do Barnes and Noble. I have a $30 giftcard and it is refusing to work on the website. This is disappointing.

For my phonetics class this quarter we have the option of doing a paper OR a final. I always prefer to write a paper. But you have to find a native speaker of a language that you're not familiar with and do a few sessions of them saying some words in whatever language and then you transcribe it and write "I thought this k would be unaspirated, but the speaker pronounced it as an aspirated k." Logically, to do this project, you need to be able to read the script and use a dictionary. So it makes good sense that when a girl from my class emails everyone to say "Does anyone need a korean speaker? My friend really wants to do it." I say "sure, I could use a korean speaker!" *Learns the korean writing system* We'll see how that one goes.

I had to order the new version of Al-Kitaab book 2, the one with the DVDs, for the Arabic class for which I'm doing all the work and getting none of the credit. Furthermore, there is only one guy in this class (supposedly)! It's all girls and they were like "hey, our one guy is not here today!" But the prof is really cool and she is from Palestine. I can understand everything she's saying but I can manage to formulate any responses. Especially none in formal ARabic; I can only speak like an Egyptian. Which isn't so bad, if one is in Egypt...

next week, I have a short paper due for my sects and violence class. We were told that we don't have to do research and can make up information, it's just to show that we can write and support a thesis. WTF. This seems like a completely useless exercise and I should think that if you're in university takinga 300-level class, you can write a thesis. I just can't understand how people would not know that.

Well, it is a three-day weekend and I don't have much work (any work?) for school. I do need to work on the gs.c newsletter (which I now have a staff for o.0) and I'm probably just going to relax...maybe go out if it would ever stop snowing >.>

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