Thursday, January 25, 2007

More Than This

My motivation to blog has gotten pretty low. I don't really like writing about the mundanity of the day-to-day (which I had been doing to keep my family members from harassing me about, but now...) and then there has been stuff giong on, but that's really been between me and the people who already know about it. So...what remains?

I got a job in a camera shop, which I am starting this afternoon. I don't know that much about cameras, but I do know how to sell things. hopefully, I won't fuck up.

Sometimes I say things just on reflex. For example, in syntax today, our prof says "oh no, I don't really want to give away the next chapter, but..." and she starts writing. And I say "SPOILER ALERT!" and all the people around me were very amused.

So is going along and i think the quarter is almost half over now. I finally got my new Arabic textbook so i've been trying to catch up. I more or less know the stuff, but the problem is that most of the time studying is spent staring at the book and i'm thinknig "Why can't I remember!" Which, for me, is probably one of the most painful things. I really don't like it when I spent tons of time learning stuff and i forgt it. I'm re-learning quite quickly but it just sucks that I have to re-learn at all. Hopefully, I won't be facing this problem with spanish and french when i start again on it next quarter or so. But somehow i think I'll be okay.

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  1. I forget many things after the quarter is over. This quarter for example I had completely forgotten how convolution integrals, and fourier series and transforms worked, and I have to use them again this quarter.