Friday, April 22, 2011

Thoughts on Suburbia

Today I was reminded of the profound oddness of seeing people on the streets of suburbia. Rather, the profound oddness of seeing certain types of people. Here are some types of people that one expects to see: women running in the morning, people walking dogs, parents walking children to school, teenagers with skateboards. I was driving to the store this evening and I saw a guy just standing on a corner. My initial reaction was to find it weird, then, of course, I remembered that it's totally normal to be on the street; it's a public space. I think that suburban people are only found on the streets to do something like run for exercise. They don't walk around as transit, They do not convene in public. Suburban affairs are conducted in doors. Past 7 o'clock or so, most of the people are in their houses, with no intention to leave.

Last week, I saw a couple of boys riding bikes around, with a van following them very slowly. It took me a moment of reflection to realize that driving the car, was the children's parent. Gods forbid one would actually ride a bike with one's children! It was difficult to fathom the depths of this man's ridiculousness. You can't even ride around a little bit with your kids?

Fucking suburbia. 

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