Thursday, February 3, 2011

In which technology is buggy

Since I've started biking around town (I've ridden 17 miles/27 kilometers this week!), I've been using a handy android (and other platforms) app called RunKeeper. It's great--when it works right. I'd say it's been working for me between 50-65% of the time. The other times, it gives me hilarious results. For example, this happened when I was riding from my house to the University, about 2.5 miles.
 What's truly hilarious about this to me, is not so much that I rode from Salinas to Palm Springs in under 20 minutes, but that I only used 117 calories doing so. I should find a way to market myself as a "green" energy source and get "energy star" certified. Damn.

The good thing about this app is that when I get home, I can get on the website and edit it to show what I actually rode, which was rather less impressive, but still worthwhile.

Unrelated to cycling, but I didn't want to make a new post for it. I was idling the OKCupid chat, then this happened.
Anonymous Asshole: hi sexy
Me: that's no way to start a conversation
Anonymous Asshole: Uh yes it is. I said hi and think your sexy. Nothing wrong with that unless there is something seriously wrong with you
Me: well, you better call a psychiatrist for me then because I think that's a bullshit way to start a conversation
Anonymous Asshole: Dumbass 

And then I blocked him. Obviously, I'm the dumbass in that situation. I laughed and laughed.