Sunday, August 8, 2010

In which the consumer ethics are considered

So I read recently that Target donated $150,000 to Tom Emmer, who is running for governor of Minnesota. It bothers me that corporations can donate money directly to candidates now, which is another topic for another time, but what really bothers me in this case is that said gubernatorial candidate is for the execution of homosexual people. He is not simply interested in denying them the right to marry each other, but he flat out wants them to not exist. That is completely reprehensible.

I understand that $150,000 is of hardly any consequence to a huge company like Target, but that amount could mean a lot in a state gubernatorial race, especially for a relatively small state like Minnesota (small relative to California, I mean).

So here I am gonna say, Target, you need to fucking pay attention. I shop at Target as the alternative to Walmart. Walmart and the way it conducts itself irritate me. You are supposed to be the better company. Your wikipedia page goes on about all your "philanthropic" work, but I think this has the potential to get a lot more publicity than anything else.

I feel like it is important to "vote with your dollar" since there is not really a better alternative to getting one's message across to corporations. So I am thinking it's time to boycott Target. Is one person going to make a difference? Probably not. I can hope that other people will take action too. But at least I feel good that a company that I help support is in turn supporting someone who things homosexual people should be executed.

On the other hand, I kind of want to justify shopping at Target. They apparently do a lot of other good things, it's convenient, it's inexpensive, etc. But I am not sure I can really rationalize that.

I just hope that Amazon isn't doing anything sketchy or I am really going to have a hard time buying things.

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  1. nice post. I agree with you - It seems like no matter what product you buy you end up promoting child work, homosexual slaughter, or some other ridiculous action. Time to go amish?