Thursday, June 5, 2008

rainwater drips through a crack in the sea

As I have no finals this quarter, my spring term is done. I'm in that post-term slump where I'm saying "what now?" When you feel like you should do something cool but you don't. I'm sad that my Arabic class is over. I liked a lot of the people in that class and it was a lot of fun. Most of them are graduating and there isn't any 4th year class outside of just taking literature/special studies elective stuff. So I'm kind of bummed out. Not to mention the weather isn't exactly celebrating the summer around hereI came home and read some BBC Arabic. Enjoy some words:

Nourishment غذاء

to take fire, ignite, burn وقد

to advocate, support تعهد

Back to playing Patapon, the best PSP game ever and then going to work.

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