Sunday, October 28, 2007

A series of rants

Because if you can't complain to the internet, to whom can you complain?

Bus etiquette: When people are getting on the bus and it's apparent that many more people will be getting on the bus, they should not just walk on and stand right at the front. You move to the BACK so more people can get on. Very few people effectively employ this tactic and it annoys because it makes the bus go slow and these people just look around all confused like "why would I need to move?" when there are quite a few seats left in the back.

Product Red/Pink breast cancer awareness things: If companies just cut a check for the amount that they spend on advertising and making these stupid Product Red things, AIDS would be solved in about 5 minutes. Instead, everyone must appear super philanthropic and sell tee shirts that say RED on them. Oh boy you are really helping! If you want to help, just give that $25 you would spend on that shirt to a charity and skip the middle man altogether. Same with the breast cancer M&Ms and other shit. Solving breast cancer one bag of M&Ms at a time! okay!

Work: So my slow camera store--Cameras West--closed down this week for being too slow. Which makes sense since it's just down from one of our companies other, busier stores Kitt's Camera. I went to work at Kitts in the mall starting on Friday and it only took about 1 shift before someone called me Daria. It's just like that episode where everyone calls Daria the "misery chick" and she's like "I'm really not unhappy" and has a little crisis about it. I'm happy in m own way, stop bugging me. I don't really like selling cameras, but it's what I'm doing for the meantime. I hope I can get an Arabic TA/tutoring job in January. The other problem with working at Kitts is that my coworker who can't get along with my boss and I was relocated there. So now it's a problem again. We are not pleased.

Midterms: I have one on monday, and I work Today, i worked yesterday, friday and thursday as well. so....probably time to go study.

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