Wednesday, April 4, 2007

une passion morbide

One of the things I think about, living alone and all, is that if I died or something, who would know? how long until someone noticed? what if i got totally exploded in a bus accident or something and no one ever knew where i went. how would ian or my parents find out? I don't know why i think about these things.

Nearly all the vocabulary words in this new chapter of french seem s&m related. Words such as: authority, terrpr, toy, corporal, unyielding, fearsom, stick, punishment, temper tantrum, deprived, to chew, strange habit, to deal severly with, trashing, to trash, spanking, to spank, maniac, whip, to whip, to spoil, permissive, no messing around! and mania. I'm not making that up. That's about half of my new word list. At least I'll know what to say if I ever get into any...situations with odd French men.

There was more to say. Oh. I am sending my cat back to the shelter tomorrow becuase he is causing too much distress and sleep deprivation to me. I feel terrible about it, but i feel more terrible about not getting enough sleep becusae of the cat, so i hope someone more suited to take care of living things adopts him.

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