Monday, March 26, 2007

Trip Across the Starting Line

I woke up today fully unprepared for a new quarter to start. I'm used to much longer breaks inbetween terms of school and this week I worked a lot and visited Ian...not particularly restful. I had planned to meet with my linguistics advisor this morning so i could talk my way into phonology, but she emailed me and demanded that i reschedule, so now i can't go until wednesday. I don't think that's too late to add a course, but we'll see what happens. As (i think i) said, I kind of don't want to take it anyway, but seeing as it's required for the major...yeah. So today I only had French, and to my surprise, le prof is actually French. Such an amazing concept, no? The textbook sems pretty nice as well, but of course, thanks to my epic series of transfers I can never get myself quite lined up with a new book, so I missed two tenses and I need to review the older vocabulary, but on the other hand, this chapter is about teh comparative and the subjunctive, both topics i'm fairly competent with. I had forgotten that most people who take french annoy me, but I guess I'll try to give these people a chance since I was feeling anti-social and out of sorts today. Out of sorts to the point where I got on the wrong bus to go home after school. I miss taking Spanish, but I feel like taking french is going to help me more for when i get to grad school, and I can always study spanish in my own time. but I only feel casually interested in French, whereas Arabic and Spanish are my languages of choice. Speaking Arabic, I am going to be studying it a bit every day as well so when i take it this summer the professor will also be confused as to why, exactly, i need to repeat second year. booo.

I can't tell quite what but something feels wrong, like I'm missing something or I'm supposed to be doing something or...I'm not sure.

there's a lot i will never do
some fantastic and oh it's true
but not as much as my want to be with you

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  1. y u so sad, lins?

    cheer up little camper!!! you're gonna make it. :)