Sunday, March 25, 2007

A play in three acts

The last three days were so happy, now etched in my memory and little more than a dream. It's hard to hold on to the reality of something after it's over. Maybe once I develop the photos, that will help? Visiting Ian this week made me love him even more than I already did and i can't wait for June. I couldn't keep from crying when i left. and now i have to sleep by myself in my cold bed. Anything i say on this topic is inadequeate...but it was a fantastic three days, except for the part when i missed my flight and was really tired. although even that turned out okay.

I got my grades for winter term on tuesday and i was extremely upset about it. C- in phonetics, B- in syntax and sociology, B+ in dinosaurs (yeah, great...), and I got 60% on my arabic test which means that I can't take arabic this quarter. I think the main reasons for doing so badly were that i had too many credits and i was working too much. I'll have less credits this term and I informed my work that if they didn't schedule me less i would be quitting, so...hopefully i can keep my job. It gets me out of the house...i tend to get reclusive. So this quarter it's Dean's List or gtfo to make up for last quarter's terrible grades. My new schedule consists of French, syntax II and Prehistoric life (finishing up that science requirement). I may be taking phonology as well, even though I sort of don't want to. it's daily at 8:30 but, it has to be done. I don't know...but I' mtalking to my advisor tomorrow, so it's a maybe.

There was something interesting I had thought of earlier regarding fate and god or something but now I can't remember it. rawr.

i'm tired as hell, hopefully i'll get some good sleeps tonight.

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