Saturday, January 6, 2007

Half the week in review

Thusday was day two of school five. I got lost again. I've definitely having more directional problems than I normaly do. I usually just study the school's map ahead of time and manage to get to the building. Not so, UW. What maladroit misfit designed this place? I joined my syntax class 5 minutes late and spotted several of the (more annoying) individuals from my phonetics class on alternate days. Both linguistics classes are two hours, twice a week. That means I have to spend 8 hours a week with assholes. Pretty lame. There are these two blonde girls who are at least sisters and I think are probably twins in both classes and they seem really creepy. They take all the same classes and are in the same majors and wear very similar clothes. Normally twins don't cause me disquiet (obviously) but they're just freaky as hell.

Last night I finally adjusted my sleeping schedule. I slept from 1:30 to 9:30 this morning, thank god. I think I have a problem with having pressure to sleep. I'll always look at my clock and think "I have to be awake again in N number of hours!" and then that panics me a bit, and then i don't sleep. Either that or it was just anxious energy at being at a new school. Both are possible.

Today I applied for some jobs. When I came home from this venture, I received an email saying that I scored a 44% on the arabic placement exam. This was pretty soul-crushing for me. Actually, it shattered my ego completely and I've spent the whole evening almost crying. Well, no, take that back a bit. After I found out I had phailed, the director of arabic suggested I take 422 (2nd quarter 2nd year) this quarter. There is no way in hell that I can restructure my schedule to accomodate this class. I would have to drop both ling courses and then find another course to fit into my schedule. My obvious first choice is Spanish, but since the UW has not decided to address the issue of the most recent transcript I've sent them, I apparently do not have the prerequisties to take the Spanish class I want. I suppose I could take another placement test but it would probably destroy me. Facing my ignorance in Arabic was soul crushing, facing defeat in espanol would actually kill me all the way. I'm considering taking 2nd year intensive over the summer, but I feel like such an ass. I won't want to do any work becuase I've already done 2nd year (obviously not very well. but I got a B+ and an A in my second year courses, wtf).

Around when I started at BYU, I remember planning to graduate in three years. If I were still there, I would be graduating this Spring. Instead, I'm going to be taking almost twice as long. The realization of which pretty much made me cry. I seriously feel like I'm going to be in school for All Time and that's just been bothering me a lot lately. The earliest I could graduate now is in 2009 (thanks to missing the Arabic classes I would have liked >.>). And five years isn't that long I guess...

In other topics, I feel like the internet is trying TOO hard to connect us all. It seems like any forum or other-service website now not only offers the forum/service, but also allows messaging! the ability to "friend" people! media hosting! groups! blogs! email! I mean, I'm cool with having my email in once place and my photos in another. I don't have to "friend" all of the same people every time we all join a new website. It's really getting kind of old. But I guess eventually the interwebs will just consolidate entirely and maybe then I won't have to remember the logins and passwords for so many sites.

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  1. hey, no worries. you'll still conquer the world. i won't graduate til 2009 either, heh.

    and fuck the internet. seriously.