Thursday, February 17, 2011

On OkCupid

I signed up for OkCupid about a month ago now and I'm still not exactly sure what I'd like to get from it. Definitely would like to make some new friends, I suppose. A common question seems to be "what are you looking for?" and I've had a couple of dudes ask me that now. Most of these dudes are pretty dissatisfied with "Probably just friends for the moment and then seeing how things go."

So, some anecdotes:

  • I had one guy talking to me for a week or two, who has not talked to me since I told him he needed to chill out and slow down. I don't feel that committed to someone after talking to them for a week via the internet.
  • In a similar trope, a guy who lives over 100 miles away was like "Hey, we should get together," and then when I pointed out that we lived kind of far he was like "I'll have to plan a weekend trip." We had been chatting for less than an hour. Slow down!
  • The best conversation so far has been a message from a guy saying "I see you speak languages. I'm writing a novel with people speaking said languages. Can I ask you for translations?" Naturally, I replied that one typically charges for such service. He wrote me back to ask for my rates. I did not anticipate getting freelance translation jobs from OKCupid, but I'll take it.
  • I have talked to a couple cool, sane-seeming people, as well, but the intense, potentially crazy people are definitely more assertive.
  • Also, it's kind of awkward when someone is like "you're sexy and you have nice curves" when they've only seen a couple of pictures of you on the internet. I feel like that's not something you want to lead with, maybe save it for meeting in person.
In conclusion, mixed feelings so far, but at least it's entertaining.

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