Friday, January 14, 2011

This one goes out to

Today’s blog is by special request.

As many of you know, when I first cut my hair short, I shaved it down to about an inch. It definitely wasn’t stylish, but I was pretty satisfied with it anyway. I’ve since grown it out into a much more acceptably femme sort of style. It’s still really short, but it’s cuter. That is the context for this recent quotation from my dad, “I like your hair a lot better right now. When you first cut it, it looked like you had just gotten out of a camp.”

In further anecdotes about the state of my hair: I see the same stylist as my mom and my grandma. It's probably about as dumb an idea as seeing the same therapist as family members, but we do it anyway; she always makes my hair look good. When I saw her to get my hair done this week, she told me that both my mom and my grandma had been asking her when I was going to grow it out. I told her "not in the foreseeable future. And you can let them know that, too." Long hair is such an inconvenience. Plus, it is way less awesome.

My family is a little bit special sometimes.

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