Sunday, January 18, 2009

On my mind

The new year seems to have started out okay. I've had two weeks of class this quarter already so that means it's 1/5th over. This week I discovered that I only had to do one more credit hour to graduate, so I quickly signed up for an independent study which means: graduating in march! and also graduating before I turn 23. Somehow, that means everthing.

Other thoughts in no real order
  1. We got a george foreman grill and it can make waffles. Last week was kebab- and waffle-filled
  2. I've been greatly enjoying the Thursday Next series by jasper Fforde. Oddly, of 5 books, 4 are available on the Kindle. The 4th book is not. This is greatly annoying.
  3. I called in sick to work today. My voice is all stupid. As a sales person, I will not be taken seriously if my voice is fading in and out. Sorry, coworkers.
  4. My dad bought a car from my neighbor for me. I owe him some money for it, but he is driving it up to seattle in march for me. It's a trans am.
  5. I have some good designs for making clothes and I'm hoping they will work out. I want to make some stuff that I can wear to my (new, future, awesome, theoretical) job
  6. I have no idea where to look for a new job, and my advisor at school was not helpful on this front.

1 comment:

  1. Maybe you can go into business selling your clothes. Let me know if your business takes off - then maybe I could pay you to interview you. :)