Wednesday, September 17, 2008

good news, everyone! I passed the Persian test so I'll be taking second year this year. All my studying was not in vain, so this pleases me.

The best part is that this makes my earliest class at 11:30. yesssssss


  1. Congrats!!!

    I used to really like learning languages myself until I became tragically addicted to the Internet, eating up all my free time. I learned some Italian and Hindi in addition to my English and French, but now I can hardly bring myself to focus on a simple close-to-English language like German, despite being immersed in it. Pathetic, I know.

    Anyway, Persian is a really cool choice. Considering how central Iran has become to world events, it's interesting to learn more about their history and culture. I've picked up a few snippets from reading Persepolis and Reading Lolita in Teheran (my current light reading for my commute on the train -- should be listening to German lessons, but the train is noisy ;^) ).

    Arabic would be interesting as well. When I was living in France, a lot of the parents of other kids at my kids' school spoke Arabic as a first language, and I was tempted to take some of the classes I saw advertised for it.

  2. Persepolis is an awesome movie! And I can definitely understand reluctance about learning German. That's one language that even I can't get excited about.

  3. Good, it's not just me then (regarding German). I did my German lesson last night, though, so I'm being a little bit good. ;^)

    I love Persepolis. I think Marjane Satrapi is brilliant. It's my favorite film.