Thursday, April 10, 2008

Things of Great Annoyance and Things of the Good

  1. Today on campus I passed two people with a giant sign board. I figured it was some club so I turned as I passed it to see what it was. And, to my displeasure, it was a picture of an aborted fetus about 2'x3' (maybe bigger) prominently displayed among other small pictures and a sign saying something like "Does this change you opinion of abortion?" or something equally inane. I was about 80% ready to give these fuckheads a piece of my mind but I decided not to bitch them out. Probably better that way, but I'm still going to rant here. Do they think that any woman wants, really wants to abort her baby. Even when a child is "unwanted" it's not because she wakes up one morning and says "I feel like killing something that never had a chance, I'm going out for some unprotected intercourse right away." Getting an abortion, I imagine (and have been informed) is traumatic and painful enough and I don't think anyone takes that kind of decision lightly. so WHY do these asshats feel the need to display a huge, disgusting poster of disheveled, bloody baby pieces to remind us that not only are you a cold-blooded killer, but you're going to hell if you do it. So a big FUCK YOU, University of Washington anti-women's rights sign bearers of the day. You almost made me vomit and you wish to condemn women everywhere, that is if you can't chain them to the stove in a life of domestic servitude. Good one.
  2. (the rest of these are much minor rants) Co-workers not showing up for their shift and other irresponsible transgressions. Tuesday I was supposed to close with one of our newer coworkers. I got in at 5, as was he supposed to, and the two openers decided it would be cool to leave before the other guy showed up. Their reassurance "There's a mid." The mid-shift worker is also NEW. So naturally, 5:30 rolls around and he's not there. Not only that, but this guy doesn't even have a number I can call. The new guy stays til 9, which is better than nothing but I sitll had to keep an eye on him. So fuck you too, former co-worker!
  3. Bus etiquette. When you get on the bus move to the back! Especially in the morning when it gets really full. Don't get on the bus and then stand there right where you got on. This is a major peeve of mine and indeed a GREAT ANNOYANCE

I think that's it...for now!

So to balance that out I suppose it must be THINGS OF THE GOOD
  1. Tomorrow I'm going to take photos of the cherry blossoms on campus, for there are many and my camera is nice.
  2. My Arabic teacher is hilarious. However, I don't think I can really describe it
  3. I ordered a crock pot and intend to make delicious meals as soon as it gets here
  4. I'm going to start going to the farmers market for buying as much of my groceries as possible.
  5. It's payday.
  6. I already have my writing class presentation out of the way for the quarter. And it was good.

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