Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I've recently become obsessed with wanting to learn Farsi. The thought of being able to translate Arabic and Farsi is pretty freaking awesome. I hope they offer first year intensive over the summer, if not I'll just pick up some books and learn it myself. I wish I'd had the presense of mind to take it this quarter but I think it would have interfered with classes I have to take anyway. I was looking at some textbooks at the school bookstore today and the one the school uses seems pretty weak (I mean, I thought the Arabic books were bad o.0) but I might give it a go or see what I can find on the intertubes. If I start learning now, by the end of my masters I can reasonbly have 4 years of farsi under my belt, which would be pretty good coupled with the 6/7 or so of Arabic.

hell yeah.

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