Friday, June 8, 2007


Finals ended for me on Wednesday. I started this quarter really strong, but i just couldn't keep caring for those last few weeks. I'm hoping/somehwat expecting a B+ average, but we'll see what happens.

I'm not going to school this summer, but only working. Since I went to school last summer (albeit in Egypt), that means I went two years without a break. Most people wouldn't call working 30 hours a week a vacation, but my job is easy enough that I'll let it go. I get 3 days off a week and spend most of my shift reading books or bullshitting with my coworkers. Not a bad set up.

Today I finally booked plane tickets for ian and I to go to EDC/visit my parents at the end of june. Hopefully that will be pleasant.

I've noticed that I've been mixing up my [+mass] and [+count] noun quantifiers a lot lately. That is, putting "much" and "many" with the wrong nouns. I have no idea why.

Yesterday I bought a new, bigger bookcase because I was out of space again. Ian put it together for me, which I appreciate. I would have fucked it up I'm pretty sure. Then we moved the living room around a bit and I am pleased with the results. I always like rearranging the furniture.

So it looks to be a fairly relaxing summer. Going to read a lot of books. and study arabic a lot becuase I need to try that placement test again in september. If I don't pass I'm fucked, but there's no way I won't pass. How do I know? I'm too pissed off too fail.

On an unrelated note, I watched Iraq in Fragments yesterday. For as much hype as it got, I was pretty nonplussed. There's no commentary, just three vignettes of Iraqis doing their daily stuff; a boy in Baghdad, Shi'a extremist leader, Kurdis trying to vote. It was moving as a tale of personal stories, but not as a big exposee on current feelings of the man on the street in Iraq. The only thing fragmented in this movie is the point of view (sorry, I had to say it). Obviously with such a big issue it's going to take more than one documentary to detail it, but this doesn't really cut it.

Anyway, back to video games and obsessively cataloguing my books on

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