Friday, April 27, 2007

Glittering Prize

I feel like I haven't really been doing a lot lately, so I haven't been writing much. I also apparently haven't been angsty lately since I predominantly write about that as well.

Ian's going to be here next week, so I'm really excited about that. A little nervous as well becuase I've never lived with someone I was in a relationship with, but I'm optimistic (or, about as optimistic as it's possible for me to be).

This quarter of school is halfway over and I've been doing pretty well. Unless I fuck up majorly in the next few weeks, I should be getting As in everything. My only (conceptually) difficult class is syntax, and our prof is making it as easy as possible. But the most difficult class in terms of annoyance is French becuase we keep "learning" things that I've learned before and I have to show up EVERY DAY to turn in homework. It's terrible and boring.

The Arabic class that I HAVE to take this summer is canceled. What useless scheduling. My advisor suggested studying at one of the language academies in town and then taking the placement test at the end of the summer. I guess that's what I'm going to do because I'm really running out of options here. And yes, I do feel like I am constantly being screwed over. It's really making me want to give up on it. Seriously. I think the only reason I haven't is that I would be terrible disappointed and hate myself over it.

I don't know...right now I'm just really looking forward to Ian being here.

This makes me glad I'm not at BYU anymore. VP Cheney is supposed to speak at BYU's graduation this year, so a few people protested. Here is the video.

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  1. Dude, a couple of months ago we had a protest that moved onto and stopped traffic on the 217 freeway, and get into a standoff with a polic line.

    I actually didn't agree with some of the things they were protesting about, nor their propaganda, but it's an interesting comparison.