Tuesday, March 13, 2007

some things that i finally did now that finals are over:
-read and finished a book
-went to the gym
-chilled the fuck out
-didn't go to bed ridiculously early

some things i will finally do tomorrow. (can you have will and finally together like that? ah well)
-clean the kitchen, bathroom
-do laundry
-buy groceries
-read and finish more books
-study arabic books that i want to study out of. fuck al-kitab.

No school for two weeks! I have a (super easy) final on Friday and then next week is spring break, but this week is effectively spring break as well. go me. Next quarter should be much more pleasant. And I won't have to get up at godforsaken hours of the morning (before 8) so i can start keeping normal hours. That going to bed early shit was pretty taxing.

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