Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I've stabilized a bit here in Seattle, so I feel much less upset than I felt last week, when I was kind of freaking out. That said, here is good stuff that happened

The director of the Arabic department is allowing me to do a sort-of independent study with the 422 class. So I have to do all the work and go to class on Fridays and meet with the TA/prof now and again. Also take the final or all tests? I'm not sure which. This is an extremely good thing. All the work and none of the credit! haha...yeah

I am the new newsletter guru of This is pretty exciting becuase I get to write/delegate writing/completely re-do the newsletter becuase it's current existence is pretty minimal. This also gets me forum admin powers, which I haven't used yet, but are cool to have.

After 2.5 years of college in cold places, I have finally stopped being a total pussy about the cold. It snowed today and I did not panic! rather, I was just surprised. I've also stopped thinking that i'm going to get hypothermia if it's 50 degrees (10 c) outside.

My apartment is still really nice. And it's dry. And things work. It's so much better than my last palce.

School is going pretty well. Except for the annoying people in my ling classes. Let's elaborate.
Contrary guy: aka asshole. He insists on contradicting everything or clarifying useless topics in minute detail
androgenous person: there's this guy/girl and we (being one of the people i befriended in linguistics) can't tell
blonde twins: these two are just really creepy. same double major. same backpack. same everything. Why do they do that?

Other things of awesomeness:
Season two of The Venture Brothers comes out on DVD April 17th. It's my favourite tv show that's actually on TV at the moment.

And this is far away, but of course I am excited all the same. The last installment of Dune called Sandworms of Dune is coming out on August 21. Hopefully it's a little better written and less predictable than the last book from the Andersen/Herbert duo (unlikely but I'm going to pretend anyway).

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  1. okay so the whole coldthing. send some proper snow cold here please. it is unbelievable yesterday was around 12 degrees and we want snow damn it.